UI/UX & Product Designer


This is Ziru (Melody) Ling.

I am a UI/UX & Product Designer.


Hi! I am currently a senior majoring Philosophy, Politics and Law, minoring Business at the University of Southern California. But above all, I consider myself as a UI/UX and Product Designer who wants to create real values.

My design rationale is interdisciplinary - Being able to apply knowledge from my major and minor, I aim at creating design that digs deeper into human minds and root causes, while making sure that my design also aligns with business goals. I trained myself to design within constraints.

As technologies are emerging rapidly, there are a lot of new media popping up for humans to interact with. As a UX designer, I don't want to restrain myself into one single interface such as the popular GUI, but anything users are able to interact with. I have a huge interest in emerging new interfaces such as voice-based UI, tangible interfaces, VR/AR interfaces, and etc. I've also been playing around different things myself as you can see in my work, and I'm always willing to try out anything new!

Due to 4 years of studying philosophy, I am intrigued by the complexity of human natures. In the long-term, I also wish to explore aspects of human behaviors using the medium of interaction art. I think modern arts can be seen as prototypes of human emotions and reactions, and design can be made better if aligning with humanities.

Looking forward to getting in touch if you are interested in any of the above, or just want to chat in general :)