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Fjord (Design Internship)


Design Internship | Design Thinking


The internship at Fjord had been one of the most unique and valuable experiences for me because it was the first time I did something a little different, and also the first time I really questioned the nature of design thinking and its abilities.

Here is a little overview:

What I did

A design thinking and research-driven project on generational frictions, and how communication/interaction helps solve it.

- Responding to Fjord’s “What’s Popping“ Design Challenge on Generational Gaps


  • Conducted survey and user interviews with 30+ people

  • Studied and researched how technology and human-machine interactions evolved and the resulted generational differences

  • Built prototypes to improve telecommunication interactions between generations

  • Built hologram prototype to model and envision future ways of interactions

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Due to non-disclosure agreements, please contact me for the full project.