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Möbius (Project @DV Hacks)


Project @BCG DV Hacks: Mobility

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Möbius is a mobile app that uses Machine Learning to reward good driving behaviors with insurance discounts.

  • What I did: UI/UX & branding

  • Team Members: Ling Ye, Ziru Ling, Yifang Chen, Tianshu Cheng



Tons of car accidents are caused by distractions and drowsy drivings, which becomes a huge problem to both individuals and car insurance companies.

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It is astonishing to see how much insurance companies can save if these accidents can be reduced, and if the high-risk user group of drivers can be segmented out.

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And we might also be able to save lives.



Here’s the details of how Mobius works:

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We incentivize drivers and provide benefits to insurance companies by:

  1. Detect driver distraction/drowsiness

  2. Create driver Risk Profile and share with insurance companies

  3. By reducing overall cost for insurance companies, they will return by rewarding 15%-20% insurance discounts for drivers with good driving behaviors


Key Features (UI/UX)

Here are some key features of our App (designed by me):

First, facial recognition has to be enabled to detect driver behaviors.

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When drivers start driving, Mobius will be running in the background, and will give reminders only when unsafe behaviors are detected.

We will also tell users that all video-streamed data are processed locally and will be deleted after processing, to enforce data-privacy.

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Finally, we will inform drivers after the trip.

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To make it clearer, here are some video demos of the process and technology behind.

(Did by Yifang Chen & Tianshu Cheng)



Here are the details of our business plan (did by Ling Ye):

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Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 8.21.43 PM.png



Thanks so much to my team’s devotion and BCG DV mentors’ support for such an amazing experience!