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Music is Visual (Web VR)

Music is Visual

Best Google Daydream VR Project @SB Hacks IV


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Music-is-Visual is a Web VR that generates visual animations and immerse users into the music for a better experience.

  • What I did: VR experience design & development (Daydream API, A-frame); Web front-end development (HTML/CSS, Javascript)


When we listen to music everyday, rather than feeling the melody and the chords, we always feel like music has the power to put an image in our head. It is a source and media for a lot of inspirations. Therefore, this idea popped into our heads: Why limit music only on the auditory sense? Why not make it visual?


Try it Yourself!

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Click here to experience it!


Project Look-Ahead

  • Develop a sound control system to make it compatible with mobile web VR view

  • Giving users the ability to upload music of their personalized choice

  • Adding an IoT controller function to give users more interactions


Special thanks to @Google Daydream!